Sunday, March 22, 2009

Economic Forces in the Socialist USA

The current Administration has been very keen to tell everyone (at the top of their lungs) that their way and their way alone, is the only way to fix our ailing economy and return this country to prosperity.

You will understand if the average American is wary of such talk, right?

The core of Comrade Obama's stimulus plan is that every business, from the small "Mom and Pop" type stores to Fortune 500 industries, is that success is failure.

  • Successful businesses should be punished financially for their success
  • CEO's and Directors, the lifeblood of every large corporation, are demonized and villified for doing their jobs
  • Massive taxation at every level will bring us all into prosperity
  • If you are financially successful, you should feel guilty for your success and give it all to those who don't want to work
These points are the first step towards every fledgling socialist economy, and Comrade Obama has us well on our way.

I hope the American people wake up soon and demand changes for the better before this all becomes a never-ending nightmare!

God Bless the USA!

Our New BFF Is Iran?

Comrade Obama has wasted no time in holding out a hand of "peace"...err, "weakness" to our dear old friends the Iranians. Keeping a campaign promise (there's a surprise), he videotaped a message to the Iranians and begged them to normalize relations with the United States.

Surprising to nobody except the White House, the Iranians saw through his shenanigans and turned him down.

Oh but the story doesn't stop there! The Iranians said they would "consider" normalized relations with the West -- if we'd reverse everything we've done in the past and give them a free pass to do anything in the future!

Oh how kind of you.

It is my fervent hope that someone (anyone) in the current administration talks some sense into Comrade Obama, and explain the best way to contain terrorism, at home and abroad, is to NOT give the terrorists a free pass! But he will not change his mind or his approach, which is why I call this time in history "America the Weak", where our position of strength worldwide is thrown aside.

President Reagan is rolling in his grave right now.

God bless the USA!